Chairman's Update May 2015


April saw a successful stock sale with members trading surplus items. The Club also sold the Collection of the late John Blackmore  - a former SRMG member. The rest of the late Roger Davies Collection was also sold. 

Committee members met with FOYD to work on the details of a fire policy with good evacuation procedures. 

Progress was made on almost all the layouts.

Names are now wanted for both the G-Scale and N Gauge layouts – please contact a committee member.



Several members have brought friends to the Club. Some are contemplating membership.


Test Tracks

Nick Kerslake and Axel Richardson have agreed to address the difficult running operations on the 0 Gauge test tracks. This is likely to involve some baseboard bracing and may also require some track slewing to prevent the present problems. A Perspex screen will then be installed to prevent audiences from causing derailments.


The Club’s N Gauge

Much planning work has been achieved on Box Tunnel. To get the correct authenticity a visit to the layout site is proposed. If any member wishes to come they should contact either Axel Richardson or Gareth McEnery.

A number of members have been active each week on the portable N gauge layout.

Mal Rowe is rewiring ‘Ashcombe’ the portable layout donated to the Club for exhibition purposes. This will make it more suitable for exhibition operation.



David Williams has asked for suggestions for the next excursion and a list is on the notice board. Please add any ideas of your own.



The NWM exhibition on 3 / 4 October will be the Club’s first opportunity to showcase members’ skills to the general public. This doesn’t just involve members’ own models and layouts. The Club will need to man stands, talk to the public, greet and meet potential new members, and complete a variety of smaller roles as well. To do this effectively will mean much support from as many as possible because Ted Hylton and his small team cannot be expected to do everything on their own. Ted will be placing a list on the Club notice board requesting volunteer support. Please add your name for some / all of the weekend’s duties.

There will soon be a brief members’ meeting in the Club to discuss this subject.  


Tools / Equipment

Scott will shortly be buying some specialist modelling tools for sole use in the Club. Anyone unfamiliar with what’s bought should seek help from Scott / John Allnutt. Additional purchases will be made as funds allow.

John Allnutt will deal with repairs to existing Gaugemaster and Helmsman controllers under their warranty terms.



18 members have now left their £20.00 deposits with the treasurer. A few decided they no longer had use for a full set of keys and these were returned. Further sets of keys are available to members wishing to enter the Club at quieter times than on existing Club nights.


Stock Sale

Several members were keen to dispose of surplus items and reported good business at the sale on 9 April. 

The late John Blackmore Collection was successful and raised more than was expected. It was good to pass a decent cheque free from any commission to Christine Blackmore. 

The final sale of the late Roger Davies collection was concluded with the Club taking its usual commission.

The Committee has postponed the traders’ sale scheduled for 12 June as a poor turnout seems likely. A new date will be advised in due course.



Members should note that the website has the facility to blog and one can add individual projects. Anyone wishing to do this or need help with the accompanying text should contact Gwion Davies ( The Club wishes members to provide their own text and photographs to avoid the website appearing stereotyped. Thanks to Tony Richards who has also offered help with text composition.


Building’s Fire Policy & Evacuation Procedures

4 Committee members, a retired Divisional Fire Commander and the FOYD Secretary met on 10 April to start work on a Fire Policy with Evacuation Procedures common to all building users. Thanks are due to Peter Ryan for all the hard work and patience he has shown in driving this important project. FOYD will now examine SRMG’s work and report back at a meeting set for 8 May. 

The lift was serviced on 30 April as part of the process of insuring all fire equipment is in working order.

An intercom is proposed to connect the Club with the interior of the front door. 

The downstairs front door is to remain unlocked when groups of members are in the Club. Should members attend on an individual basis then the door should be locked and the downstairs logbook signed on entry and on exit. 

Getting the building’s users to implement a satisfactory fire policy properly, including the necessary training, will take some time but the belief exists that, at last, this is on track to be achieved.



  • 11 September – Open Evening – more details later.
  • 15 September – Lecture - The Gower Railway given by Rob Hulme at 7.30pm.
  • 3 / 4 October – Exhibition at The National Waterfront Museum from 10 - 4.00pm
  • 27 October – Lecture – White Rock Copper Works, Swansea by John Ashley with Rob Hulme & Tudor Price.