Charman's Update - End of Year 2015


As I write my last newsletter during December I am mindful how far the Club has come since the first Updates came out in the early part of 2010 – we now have bigger premises, a larger membership et al. I am sure Tony Richards will keep you regularly updated with events and items of interest in, at least, an equally informed manner. Nick Kerslake as Membership Secretary will be in touch on routine matters with regard to the Club Membership although I have agreed to be the first entry point for new and potential Club members. 

You’ll also still hear from me on Club issues but not in a regular newsletter.

Seasonally, it’s that time when we need to think about some of our membership who are not presently enjoying good health; neither do some of their family or friends. We think too of lost loved ones where sadness and grief presently exist. Naming names is not always my game, especially when it leads to some embarrassment, and I’ll not name anyone now. Sufficient to say there are those amongst us who have had a difficult year. Our thoughts and our prayers are with each of them – we send love and best wishes to all who presently grieve or are in poor health.  


The club established at its 21 December Committee Meeting sufficient funds are now in place to afford the construction of all the existing and planned new layouts. Much of the expenditure will be phased. The Committee believes that everything should proceed without the need to slow the building of any of the new / existing projects.


You have now received bank standing order forms and appropriate letters advising you of new subscription rates. Please initiate the necessary action ensuring your bank cancels the old arrangement as well as setting up the new one with effect from 15 January 2016 that is if the new arrangements affect you. If you pay cash please be aware of any increased quarterly sums due in January, April, July and October. Changes in subscriptions are a big undertaking so please deal with it quickly as it will help our Treasurer enormously if it all goes through smoothly.

  • Christopher John from Morriston joined in December. 
  • Gwen Hylton living in London will join in January. She plans to model for South Dock – at a distance.
  • Derek Bevan now 83 feels he can no longer make the journey from Gorseinon on a regular basis and has decided, reluctantly, to relinquish his membership. 

Club Membership now totals 91.

Procedures, Insurance and Vulnerable & Child Protection Policies

SRMG has always tried to cut out unnecessary bureaucracy in the conduct of the Club’s business. We come from very different backgrounds, are of varying ages and are engaged in a variety of different aspects relating to model railways. For this reason the Committee has decided it needs to look again at these policies as they relate to the Club and its members. Tony Richards will be examining the vulnerable and child protection aspects as they impact the Club. John Hammond will be looking at the Insurance aspect. Both will report back to the Committee in due course and the membership will then be advised accordingly.

Open Evening

Please remember we have an Open Evening set for Friday 15 January starting at 7.00pm. We want to run trains all night, show off our layouts and the Club to our friends and family. We’ll again be enjoying refreshments thanks to the efforts of our good friend, Alison John. John Allnutt’s in charge. No cost to members for the food and drinks but a raffle will take place.


2mm:Box Station: the detailed construction continues apace. The baseboard construction is finished and the track and wiring are complete with SEEP motors also added. The legs to the baseboards have been built and attached. We’ll soon be starting on the scenery so continue viewing the website as John Cook and Gwion will be keeping us all abreast of the work. 
2mm: Cwmfelin Parkway: work continues on the scenic side with some electrical work now due.
4mm: Clear Creek Successor: holidays have interfered with development but the room was cleared and clean in time for the pre-Christmas festivities. On 17 December the room was used for the food and drinks.
4mm: Elsbridge: some circus / fairground additions have been ordered to enhance the scenery. 
4mm: Suburbia: completion of the 3rd N gauge loop is promised soon – work has already started. It’s good to see some Suburbia photos now on the website.
4mm St David’s Wells: the layout is now available – so take your stock to run there on Thursdays.
7mm South Dock: Ted has designated Wednesday as a working night for the layout. Please support him.
2mm, 4mm, 7mm Test Tracks: Axel has added a little more background scenery.
7mm Project 0: led by Scott and Axel good progress has been made in plotting the Club’s way through the maze of decisions needed to realise this ambitious project. In December two meetings of the Club’s 0 Gauge members were held and a layout was agreed in principle with final approval coming from the Committee on 21 December. Meanwhile the room was cleared of junk from the previous occupants. Scott started painting the walls on 23 December, plumbing alterations and electrical additions have been worked out and the new carpet priced. It is hoped this work will proceed in early January as painting continues.
G-Scale: This layout is to be known as Dusty Roads and it was healthy to see more activity on the layout in December. I am making strenuous efforts to see more Club members interested in this scale. The layout attracts considerable interest at all our Open Days and Jim Powell is a big hit with the children. He takes time out with them all, even dressing up for their benefit, and they respond well to his entertainment.

Christmas Stock Sales

Alan Jenkins from MIB sold some stock to satisfied members on 3 December. Thanks go to Alan for taking the time out to come to us in his busy pre-Christmas sales period.


The next lecture on 9 February 2016 is by Martin Davies on “Past Railways of Swansea”. Admission is free.

Modelling Competition

Nothing new to report here – just note the competition is set to take place on 7 April so bring your entries in on that date. Any queries please contact Tony Richards on subject "Modelling Competition".

Christmas Curry

40 members, family and friends met informally on 5 December in a private upstairs room at The Patti Raj. All who came spoke favourably about the occasion. We may well do something similar in the summer. This was £15 for the food with drinks extra. If someone has a reasonably priced alternative in a private room please let me know.

Club Christmas Festivities

Club members enjoyed the last pre-Christmas Thursday in some style under the organisation of John Allnutt who sorted out the refreshments whilst Peter Ryan again organised a successful raffle. 

New friends Meirion and Carol Thomas accompanied by daughter, Hayley, and grandson, Justin, provided a large, delicious corn beef pie. This was widely acclaimed by our members. It was devoured in about 15 minutes. Peter Ryan roped in Hywel Trick and new member, Steve Giffard, and made the raffle so much simpler. Tickets drawn were attached to prizes with everyone then invited to stake their claims. The raffle realised £116.00

Some members bought tickets and left early and a couple of unclaimed prizes are the result. If anyone holds tickets with the following numbers 292, 294, 309 and 406 please let me know. 

If you do not claim these prizes they will go forward to the Open Evening raffle on 15 January.

Clubman of The Year

A Clubman of the Year Award was introduced for the first time. The 2015 winner was Ted Hylton for his work on South Dock and his organisation of the 6th Swansea Model Railway Show at The National Waterfront Museum. Ted was presented with a cup and “ something to go in it! “ during the course of the Open Evening. The website has photographs of the recipient receiving his trophy and his gift, together with some of our members enjoying the informality of the Open Evening.


Gwion Davies has made great progress with website changes and modifications in the last 2 months. All the Club’s layouts are now featured with some descriptions being added. A couple of the pages have been brought up to date and the Review of new locomotives is now a regular feature. The website is the Club’s best way to showcase what we, as a Club, are about. Members are encouraged to offer items to Gwion for inclusion on the site.

Weathering Workshop

Marcus Lambert weathers locos and stock in all gauges both for himself and also, professionally, for a model shop. He has offered to give a weathering workshop in the Club for the benefit of members. He will be demonstrating his skills and taking questions from 7.30pm on Thursday21 January in the open area near South Dock.

Club Clothing / Memorabilia

Peter Ryan obtains Club clothing for members each month. Aprons are now available at £12 each. All new and existing clothing may be personalised with embroidered names at £2 per item for those wishing to have their names added. All existing items to be personalised needed to be handed back clean to Peter Ryan or the embroidery cannot proceed. 

SRMG presently sells key fobs for £1.00 as a boost to club funds. 

The Club is considering the production of other memorabilia provided the demand exists for such items. A list identifying further items, with approximate prices, for sale will be added to the Club notice board. Please add your name, as appropriate, if you are interested. N.B. The Club is unlikely to proceed if requirements are small and there’s a large minimum order because the Committee are keen not to see Club funds tied up in unwanted stock.

Swansea Exhibition at NWM – 1 / 2 October 2016

Ted Hylton and John Hammond had their first preliminary meeting with NWM staff on 17 December. This was to establish parameters for the 2016 event. 

Initial reaction from traders and exhibitors is most encouraging and the Club is planning to build on its 2015 success. This will mean more traders and more layouts present. 

The Club aims to better publicise the event and to increase the footfall over and above the 3000+ who visited last year. SRMG hope to use more of NWM’s premises as it only utilised about 2/3 of the available space in 2015. 

Plans are to send out appropriate booking forms for 2016 early in the New Year.
Members wishing to exhibit layouts are again reminded to approach Ted Hylton as soon as possible with the subject "Swansea Railway Model Show 2016". Demand for space to exhibit remains high and finding additional room is becoming difficult. 


  • 15 January – Open Evening beginning at 7.00pm with refreshments courtesy of Alison John.
  • 21 January – Weathering by Marcus Lambert from 7.30pm.
  • 9 February– Lecture “ Past Railways of Swansea “ by Martin Davies.
  • 1 March– Lecture “The Gwili Railway “ by Jeremy John.
  • 7 April– Modelling competition and Open evening – again for members, family and friends and a raffle.
  • 1 / 2 October– 7th Swansea Model Railway Exhibition, National Waterfront Museum – 10.00am – 4.00pm 

Final Thoughts

My Very Best Wishes for 2016

The Committee’s expectations for another successful year for our great Club go to you all.