Tirdonkin Wagon Commission Special

                                                    All photos: Gwion Davies          Bespoke display stand: Ian Stephenson

With so much having been written about our new commission over the past few months, it was a delight to see them in the flesh at the club last Thursday when Noel Blows brought them in for a photo-shoot. This ‘Special’ includes photographs of all of the wagons in each of the gauges, together with some up-to-date information regarding their slightly earlier release for club members only.

First however, the sale of this commission is proceeding well: over 30% of the order has already been reserved for sale with about two-thirds of the committed sales going to outside collectors [as opposed to club members]. If you are considering a purchase, these wagons will not sit around indefinitely!

It was originally intended not to release any of this stock until the first day of our show, the 7th. October. However, in order to simplify logistics on what will be a busy day, it has been agreed that members who have pre-paid or who wish to pay on the night may collect their wagons from the club on the evening of Thursday the 28th. September. This offer is for members only.

Note though, if you wish to avail yourself of this opportunity but have yet to formally order, please ensure that you advise Noel Blows as soon as you are able in order that he can bring the correct number of wagons in with him. Either use the form on the club notice-board or e-mail Noel directly [details here].

The models 

O gauge:

Note that on the O gauge wagons, the doors on each side open and so maybe posed. Split-pins will also be fitted [inside] to the coupling chains to improve their retention. 

OO gauge:

All of the coal loads are, of course, removable with care and real coal maybe substituted if modellers wish. 

N gauge:

Order now to guarantee your set!!