Waterfront Museum Autumn Exhibition

We'd been invited to take part in this event to showcase our research into the history of Swansea's docks and how we finally came to choose to model a part of the 'South Dock' to scale at 1:43 (0 gauge).  

Prime spot along side the original track at the museum.

The offer to us was to bring our layout in whatever state it was at the event.  We only had three 'white' 'track-only' boards wired ready for the show, out of what will be an eventual ten/eleven-board layout.  The plan is to have all of the boards completed for Swansea's model railway show at the Waterfront Museum next year on what is likely to be 5th & 6th September.  

Knowing we'd be limited to just a little shunting back and forward on these boards, and to reference some of the scales the group are active in, we took along an 00 gauge engine for display plus Mal's n gauge 'Joshua Junction' layout and this was a big hit with the children and, I guess, their parents at the show as they were allowed to 'drive' the trains out of the sidings and around the model and then get them back into their sidings.  

There was, besides, plenty of interest in our South Dock project from the public and we had many good conversations over the pictures, maps and plans we displayed on the history of Swansea's docks.   

We'll keep you posted on our progress with this layout in the months to come.

Little taffy tank engine and sentinel diesel running up and down the line.