Chairman's Update October 2014


The Club had a busy September as evident from the narrative below. The Committee has decided to order a full size GWR Express name board plate seen by many members on the recent SVR excursion. It will go on display in the Club Room. The generosity of members’ gifts and loans of interesting items is appreciated. However care needs to be taken to ensure the Club’s premises are not over run with items. A word before anything appears helps. It avoids any disappointment should the Committee not accept members’ donations.


We have 73 members. The Barraclough familyof 4 from Loughor joined this month. Friends of existing members are also expressing interest in our Club. We have said goodbye to Josh Williamsand we wish him well in the workplace following his gaining a degree. If work permits he’s agreed to call in and see old Club friends.

We are sorry to hear of the declining health of former Club member, John Blackmore. He has had 4 strokes and was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease 3 months ago. John was an original member of Morriston Model Railway Group, a forerunner of SRMG. His modelling skills are well displayed in the 33foot 4mm model of The Mumbles Railway for many years displayed at Tabernacle Church in Mumbles. This layout accurately depicts the former railway from Oystermouth to the Mumbles Pier. Now it needs relocating so if you know of anyone prepared to give it a good home please let me know.


The excursion to Severn Valley Railway’s Steam Gala went very well. 27 members made the trip in 2 mini-buses provided on 19 Septemberby Edwards Coaches of Aberdare. Cymru Coaches professed mechanical problems with their bus so were unable to provide transport. Cymru has promised a future discount to compensate for the inferior travel arrangements for our next excursion. Members are already considering the venue for the next event with the West Somerset Line in March 2015 being the present favourite.


There is nothing to report at this stage although Ted Hyltonwill be attending meetings with National Waterfront Museum before Christmas to start preparing for the 2015 Swansea exhibition at that venue. The exhibition date will be advised in due course.


The Club has waited, in vain, for more than 3 months to get our regular decorators to complete the painting in the 2 roof voids. This has hindered a very patient Ted Hyltonin his development of South Dock so it was important to get the work finished as soon as possible. Fortunately Paul Abrahamcame to the rescue and started work on the left hand one on Saturday 27 September.We are grateful to Paul– a qualified decorator - for volunteering to do this work. John Allnutthas also been busy with some re-wiring all designed to improve our Club. Thanks John.

12 club members turned up on Sunday 21 Septemberto start re-arranging FOYD files stored in the basement and to begin clearing out a considerable amount of the rubbish stored there. Mike O’Connor introduced a Scrap Merchant friend 2 days later and he has agreed to clear the remaining rubbish from the basement. This will take place over 2 days on Wednesday / Thursday 8 / 9 October. A phased overhaul of the basement will follow. This will involve ensuring air circulates better in the basement, some re-plastering is needed, a complete redecoration will be required and new wiring will have to be added. The floor will need a new surface (and possibly a carpet). Finally the access steps and walls will also need decorating with a carpet or flooring also added. All this work will not be rushed but it will proceed as evenly as possible.

The Committee has decided that, wherever possible, work will be undertaken by members using their individual skills. However if such work is likely to be either lengthy, or demanding, some Club recompense will be offered. If there are particular problems in moving the project on, outside help will be sought. Please let me know if you are willing to get involved with this work. All help will be welcomed as this should result in a lower financial outlay. The project will be finished in a practical manner but to the same good standard evident elsewhere in the Club.

Hywel Trick has again used his skills to produce some excellent new signage for the Club. Each key room has now been labelled with name and the SRMG logo. The end result shows the Club in a most professional light. Thank you Hywelfor taking the trouble to complete this work.

Skills Workshop(s)

John Allnuttwill be co-ordinating members interests’ in gaining new ski this John can be reached at


The Club has nothing in the pipeline at the moment but there are potential plans for a lecture prior to Christmas.

Modelling Competition.

The next modelling competition will be judged on 5 March 2015– the nearest Thursday to St. David’s Day. Members are reminded of the 3 categories for entry – Diorama, Kit Built and Scratch Built. Cups will be awarded to the winners of each category.

Annual General Meeting.

The Club’s accounting year ended yesterday. The accounts and reports should be ready in time for the AGM now fixed for Thursday 13 November at 7.00 pm. The Annual election of officers and other committee members will take place at the same time in line with the Club’s Constitution. Papers will be circulated in due course. The Club has had a busy, interesting year and there is much to be discussed so please make every effort to attend.

Stock Sale.

A large sale has been arranged for members and friends of the Club. This will contain both the large 00 collection and a delightful N Gauge collection. There are 2 extremely well built model layouts in the N Gauge collection. The sale will take place on Thursday 16 October to members whilst onFriday 17 Octoberit will also be offered to various outside contacts, and clubs who have expressed an interest.

On the Friday Alison John will be providing complimentary light refreshments. This is a great opportunity for members to add some interesting stock to their collections. 00 items include stock by Wren, Hornby, Bachman, Mainline and others. The N gauge stock will include Dapol, Graham Farish, and 21 Mathieson ready-to-run private owner wagons.

Please feel free to widely publicise the Friday evening to friends and other Clubs as we want as many as possible to attend. Naturally, as members, you should ensure you come to the Thursday night preview.

Fire Procedures.

Our large membership’s extensive and regular use of the building has prompted concerns over fire related issues. These are presently being discussed with FOYD and a Risk Assessment Policy will, ultimately, be produced. To date Peter Ryan, John Allnutt and Ihave met with a recently retired senior Fire Officer. He has given us good advice on the fire risk state of the Club and then the whole building. He will help in the preparation of the Risk Assessment Policy whilst Club members will work towards ensuring all fire equipment is properly tested.


Gwion Davies has now taken over as web manager and is readily available to suggestions and ideas you may have for the site. His work will add to the fine work done earlier by John Gray and Jon Geary. Gwion can be reached by email at


Rob Pendry and Phil Placehas each put in a great deal of work upgrading St David’s Wells. They are to be complimented on their efforts, already bearing fruit. Clear Creek also needs some commitment and some TLC to see the layout finally finished – all the points are ballasted but ought to be electrified. There is still a members’ reluctance to get involved with this layout so now long-term doubts as to its viability have begun to surface. A proposal submitted by Axel Richardsonto improve the look of the corners of the Test Tracks by modelling in 0 Gauge is presently being discussed. As membership interest has recently increased in this gauge it makes sense to add some additional operating opportunities. It would be good to see the points electrified to permit some extra shunting. Elsewhere work continues on the various layouts.

Open Evening.

There are no immediate plans for an Open Evening and initial thoughts are for the next one to be in January 2015. There will be more about this next month.

Christmas Festivities at SRMG

The Committee has agreed that the Club will provide complimentary food and drinks to all those in the Club on the night of Thursday 11 December. Alison John has kindly agreed to provide us with some of her excellent eats during the evening to mark the beginning of the festive season.

Noel Blows.