Chairman's Update June 2015


During May members remained active working on layouts and running stock.

The fine details of an effective fire policy and evacuation procedures are being discussed and worked on in conjunction with FOYD. This has to apply to other building users whose requirements vary from our own.


Steve Day has resigned from the Club citing business and other commitments occupying most of his time. He hasn’t rule out returning if some of his other activities diminish. There are 2 new guests showing interest in the Club so if you see Lawrence McCarthy and / or Richard John in the Club please give them a warm welcome.

Peter Fowler has had to return to hospital. We hope he’ll soon be fit to come and see us once more. We are also sorry to hear that Ieuan Morgan continues an extended hospital time in both Morriston and Neath Port Talbot. Our thoughts too go out too to Jim Law our President whose health is not good. Although we may not see some of our elderly members it doesn’t mean that we do not think of them and their contributions to SRMG over a long time.


Bracing the test track baseboards is set to take place soon. Axel Richardson plans to then add some further scenic modelling to complete his landscaping work. The Perspex screen to protect the 0 Gauge test tracks will follow. If you have time Axel would be grateful for help as all this will involve considerable work on his part. He can be reached on 07710 228640 or email:

‘Pantyffynon’ – the layout donated by the former Ammanford MRC went to John Sippitt a Loughor member.

‘Box Junction’ – was visited by some of the N Gaugers busy modelling the site. Photographs were taken and an attractive local pub with good food was found. I’m not sure whether the quality of the pub will be the instigator of further visits! Useful data for building the layout accurately was obtained.

The un-named N gauge layout continues to see activity each week from a variety of members and hard work is also continuing on ‘St David’s Wells’.

‘Clear Creek’ is likely to remain dormant until some of the present projected work is complete.

Mal Rowe is rewiring the controls on ‘Ashcombe’. A brass plaque detailing modeller John Alford’s construction and donation to our Club will be added so as to professionally exhibit the model. 


I have advised all members I shall stand down at the 2015 AGM. The Secretary and Treasurer have agreed to carry on if elected, to ensure continuity amongst the key officers. I am trying to achieve a smooth succession so I have started canvassing my position to all members. The position will be balloted amongst the members present at the AGM if more than one candidate stands for election. Please let me know if you are interested.


The nitty-gritty of the Swansea Show set for 3 / 4 October is starting to occupy many of us. The Club remains grateful to Ted Hylton for the enormous amount of detailed work he continues to put into the event. It is doubtful whether it would have succeeded without his efforts. Your help continues to be sought for help on either or both exhibition days so please add your name to the list on the noticeboard. Members exhibiting personal layouts will be personally responsible for ensuring their own support – manning a layout for 2 days unchanged is a hard job! 

 Building’s Fire Policy & Evacuation Procedures and new FOYD improvements

4 Committee members, a retired Divisional Fire Commander and the FOYD Secretary met on 10 April to start work on a Fire Policy with Evacuation Procedures common to all building users. Thanks are due to Peter Ryan for all the hard work and patience he has shown in driving this important project. FOYD will now examine SRMG’s work and report back at a meeting set for 5 June. It appears at long last this is all coming together and more news should feature next month. The lift was serviced on 30 April as part of the process of ensuring all fire equipment is in working order. It may be used as it is in working order although the sensors on the doors will be adjusted so that they will automatically re-open when in contact with someone accessing or leaving the lift. 

FOYD has requested tenders from some builders for repairs and redecoration to the front of the building including all gutters and soffits. Work is expected to be carried out later this Summer with no disruption and access issues as all building entry will remain at the rear of the building as at present.

An intercom will shortly be installed to enable those entering the building to communicate with 3 key internal areas – the 1st floor office, SRMG and the 2nd floor former flat used by Polestone. To reach SRMG press 2 on the keyboard and you will be able to speak to our Club Room.

In addition to the Fire Policy there will be a Conflict of Interest Policy whereby FOYD Trustees do not hold an interest in any of the groups. This will remove any accusations of unfair play so that each group within the building gets treated in the same way as any other group. 

Website / Internet.

Website manager, Gwion Davies, can be reached at : so feel free to contact him if you need an Internet Connection whilst at the Club as he has the security access key. The website now sees approaching 1000 page views each month with upwards of 100 people visiting the site and a proposal to sell advertising space will be formulated in due course with links to other railway groups also being considered. Gwion would like more content to be made available for website inclusion. Tony Richards will help with text editing if required and can be reached at if you need help.

Welsh Railway Research Circle ‘WRRC’

The Club has joined this organisation. John Gray will pass on details:

 Layout Names

The Club requires names for both its N Gauge layout and its G-Scale model. Please give me some sensible ideas.


  • 11 September – Open Evening – more details later.
  • 15 September – Lecture - The Gower Railway given by Rob Hulme at 7.30pm.
  • 3 / 4 October – Exhibition at The National Waterfront Museum from 10 - 4.00pm
  • 27 October – Lecture – White Rock Copper Works, Swansea by John Ashley with Rob Hulme & Tudor Price.