Video: Dapol O Gauge Class 08 Diesel Shunter Product Preview

Written by Gwion Rhys Davies. Big thanks to Dapol for loaning us their Class 08 prototype.

(Please note the model in our photographs/video is hand-built prototype and may be subject to further changes before release i.e. the brass buffers will be painted.)

Last year we were blown away with Dapol’s brilliant O Gauge Terrier, a superb model at an extremely attractive price. Introducing Dapol’s second ready-to-run ‘O’ gauge locomotive, the highly anticipated Class 08 Diesel Shunter.

The Class 08 shunter features:- 

  • Die Cast Running plate
  • Compensated Die Cast Chassis
  • Die Cast and Profiled wheels
  • High Level of separately applied detail
  • Directional lighting
  • Shunting lamp (DCC Only)
  • Cab Lighting
  • Sprung Metal Buffers
  • Articulated Screw Coupling
  • Functioning cab doors
  • DCC Ready (21 Pin)
  • DCC Fitted and DCC Fitted sound options available
  • Un-numbered versions available so you can model your local locomotive

The first releases will be (D suffix catalogue numbers are sound fitted):

  • D3043 in BR green with late crests (7D-008-000/7D-008-000D)
  • 13282 in BR green with early crests (7D-008-001/7D-008-001D)
  • D3045 in BR blue with wasp stripes (7D-008-002/7D-008-002D)
  • D3219 in BR green with wasp stripes and late crests (7D-008-003/7D-008-003D)
  • 13240 in BR black with early crests (7D-008-004/7D-008-004D)
  • 08202 in BR blue with wasp stripes (7D-008-005/7D-008-005D)

Members of Dapol's Collectors Club will also have the option to purchase 13308 'Charlie', scene in the photos of this preview.

The RRP will be £199.95 for DCC ready models and £399.95 for DCC sound fitted versions, due for release mid 2016.

Be sure to keep an eye out for our followup product review upon this models release.