Preview: Oxford Rail Latest Wagons

Written by Gwion Rhys Davies, special thanks to Oxford Diecast for the loan of their wagons.

Recently Oxford Rail released the first offerings of their 3 new wagon toolings, the cattle, four-plank and six plank wagons with prices beginning from £9.95.

Featuring metal buffers, NEM sockets with tension lock couplings and metal cast wheels all giving the same premium look and feel to the models as with Oxfords previous seven-plank wagons.

North British Railway four-plank open wagon (OR76MW4001OR76MW6002)

The first of the new wagons are a series of 4 plank private owner coal trucks mainly associated with the North of England and the Scottish coal mining areas, answering the need by many modellers in those parts of the UK who have requested private owner wagons specific to their area. 

North Eastern Railway six-plank open wagon (OR76MW6001OR76MW4002OR76MW4003,

The second wagon series focuses on the LNER with the introduction of an LNER 6 plank wagon produced in two liveries, NE and BR, however both will also be made available in ‘weathered’ condition. 

NE cattle wagon (OR76CAT001OR76CAT002)

Remaining in the North Eastern region, Oxford Rails third and final freight introduction is the NE Cattle Van which will also be produced as a later BR variant. Both cattle vans will include certain detail variations denoting the period of operation. 

These wagons give are unbelievably good value when compared to the offerings from other manufacturers. Especially with the far more durable metal buffers (no more broken plastic buffers for me!). The attention to detail is spot on and the decals are really sharp. All three wagons are the perfect fit for any 4mm scale modeller, recreating the late British Steam era.

It's been some exciting times for Oxford and we can't wait to see their upcoming products in the near future.