Club Update - July 2016


Although mid-Summer is traditionally a quiet period for the Club you’ll see that there is still quite a lot to report on. It’s also worth noting that our profile, nationally, continues to grow with members from other [largely English] clubs visiting from time-to-time and the recent, highly successful DAPOL wagon commission now finding its way into the next edition of Ramsay’s Guide to Model Trains, very much the reference source for model railways, listing every locomotive, wagon and carriage known to have been produced. Doubtless, next year’s commission will find its way into there, too......

The Railway Modeller magazine article

Those of you who read this month’s Modeller may have noticed the adverts for the Club’s wagon commission and the note about the October show at the NWM. The advert produced a good response and Noel Blows has been extremely busy parcelling up wagon orders to be posted off. Our stock is now close to exhausted with there being just a few in OO and N left. If you are still to buy one, or want more, be quick!

The article on the Club will appear in the October Modeller, normally available in the shops during mid-September.

Stock sales

Quite a lot to say here.....

First of all, the recent die-cast sale was a huge success and raised £700 towards Club funds. Thank you to all who supported it and particularly to those who helped to set-up, sell and clear away after.

And the next sale ? This is planned for Thursday the 22nd. September [at 7.00 pm] and will be held in the Chapel Room on the first floor of the FOYD building. This sale will include:

  • N gauge items [to be confirmed, but it is possible that a largish collection of good boxed rolling stock will be available]
  • OO and O gauge items
  • Diecast boxed stock, including aeroplanes and N/OO/O gauge road vehicles


  • Members’ own stock

The first three above are either commission sales or sales of the Club’s own stock. In both cases, the benefit goes into Club funds and, as before, everything is sold as seen. The final item, members’ own stock, will be commission-free and provides an opportunity for you to move on items that you no longer wish to retain for your own use.

A couple of points to consider with regard to the members’ sale:

  • Please advise Tony Richards no later than the 9th September if you wish to sell stock. This will allow the organisers to gauge how many tables will be required for you to display your wares.
  • Please label your stock honestly and clearly, detailing the price, the condition and adding any other relevant information in order that buyers understand fully what they may be purchasing.
  • Please be available throughout the time of the sale to answer questions from prospective buyers. You will be solely responsible for managing any financial transaction that follows.

We will need volunteers to assist with the sale. Given the number of members and external guests, the Committee does not comprise sufficient numbers to manage the tables and deal with / entertain guests. Each table requires two members and there could be as many as eight tables. If you can assist, please let Tony Richards know as soon as possible. Thanks.

Finally, on the night it would be greatly appreciated if Club use of the test tracks could be kept to a minimum as external guests have been invited to bring their own stock to run if they wish.

The building’s lift

Unfortunately there is no update on this matter yet and all appears to have gone quiet. The delay in repair is being pursued however and your patience is appreciated. That all rather sounds like a phone call to BT Customer Services.....

A note from The Treasurer

Would all members who have outstanding expense claims or purchase receipts please submit them no later than Thursday the 29th. September to enable the accounts to be finalised for the Autumn AGM.

Subscription arrears should be cleared by payment to The Treasurer, urgently.

The library

The large collection of bound volumes of Railway Modeller 1974-2000, Steam Days 1986-2000 and British Railways Illustrated 1991 to 2000 have now been placed on shelves in the library and thanks also to Steve Giffard for installing them. The RM collection provides an interesting insight into modelling over 40 years ago and do feel free to read them [please return after use though !].

We do not propose accepting any further donations of magazines: they take up a huge amount of space and receive little attention. This collection was accepted only because it was fully bound and came with shelving upon which to store it.

Website update and Club video

A couple of things to watch out for in the near future:


  • A preview of some new Oxford OO wagons


  • Richard Grigg’s review of the Heljan O gauge ‘Warship’ locomotive
  • A new freelance 009 locomotive build from Daniel Thomas

and in the slightly longer term

  • A 20 minute video shot in the Club showcasing developments and some members’ projects to introduce us to a wider audience

If you have projects of your own which you’d like to showcase in our website, please speak to Gwion Davies directly.

FOYD Open Day

On Wednesday the 14th. September FOYD is holding an open day. We have been invited to run trains to entertain visitors and volunteers are sought for this task. The times will be advised later. In the meantime, if you would like to assist, please let Ted Hylton know as soon as possible.

Security issues

On a number of recent occasions, the Club rooms have been found unlocked when members have called on days when the Club is usually unoccupied. We have also noticed a number of what have to be assumed to be thefts from some of the layouts [including some rolling stock].

Would those who visit the Club outside ‘usual’ opening hours please ensure that all three main entrance doors are fully locked when they leave. These doors are:

  • the entrance door to the G gauge / modelling room area
  • the two doors on either side of the signing in book area

It is not necessary to lock the Club tea room itself or the door at the top of the stairs.

Again on the issue of security, if you are the only person visiting the Club rooms at any time, please be sure to first place your name in the building’s signing-in book by the downstairs entrance. This will allow others to know who is in the building in case of emergency. Do remember to sign out too!

The NWM October Show [October 1st. & 2nd.]

First call for volunteers ! Help will be needed to cover stands, deal with the public, set up tables before and close down the event after, selling raffle tickets and so on.

Once again, the Committee is not large enough to undertake all of these tasks on its own and members’ help will be required. Please see Ted Hylton if you are able to assist. The show will only be a success if all are able to assist. Thanks all.

Finally, the diary update...

  • 14th. September - FOYD Open Day – further details to follow
  • 22nd. September - Next big stock sale
  • October 1st & 2nd - SRMG Annual Exhibition at the NWM
  • Late October - Possible autumn excursion

Best wishes all !