Club Update - June 2016

Photo thanks to Richard Grigg.

Photo thanks to Richard Grigg.


There’s not a great deal of news this month so I have decided not to delay the newsletter any longer. There is still a bit going on however, including an imminent stock sale, and evening out and a birth to celebrate!

Railway Modeller magazine article

This has been mentioned before but to update everyone, the copy and photographs have now been submitted to the editor and the planned article will appear in the October edition of the magazine.

Stock sales

A reminder again that some few items still remain unsold from the last stock sale, particularly an uncommon Trix Class 124 4-car Trans-Pennine unit. The 124 is neither mint nor boxed but works well and is in quite usable condition. These are expensive items normally and this is priced to sell! If any members are interested, please see Noel Blows or Tony Richards. It is priced at £80 ovno.

More to the point perhaps is the next sale, planned for Friday the 29th. July at 7.00pm. This sale involves a large amount of Oxford Diecast lorries, cars, vans and buses in various scales. Some are absolutely new and mint, some are in pre- production state and some are very slightly damaged. Again, everything will be priced to sell. The sale will take place in the chapel room on the first floor and may involve a slightly wider customer base. This is an opportunity to buy some now harder-to-get and interesting models at sensible prices. The proceeds from this sale go directly to the club and will support the building of our layouts. I’ve seen what will be on offer and it all comprises an interesting lot.

Club curry night

The last club curry night was very well received and we plan to return again to the refurbished Patti restaurant [in the old Patti Pavilion] on Friday the 22nd. July. Noel Blows e-mailed you all recently with details but for information I’ll repeat them again below.

“...The event is timed for 7.00pm with a sit down at 7.30pm in the private, upstairs function room at The Patti Pavilion on Friday 22 July 2016. The price will be £15.00 per head inclusive of tip with drinks for individuals' own accounts. These can be purchased at the bar in the private room and need to be paid for as and when ordered. The restaurant is not keen to run a series of individual tabs. The food will be similar to that served on our last visit shortly before Christmas but the restaurant has agreed to serve steak and chips at the same price per head for those who don't want Indian food...’’

A sheet has been posted on the club notice board for members to indicate interest and book their seats. As before, family and friends will be welcome to attend. In fact, their attendance would be beneficial as the private room we have booked will only be opened for a minimum of 30 diners. If 30 do not sign up, the venue would have to change to the main restaurant and we will have to take pot-luck with the seating arrangements. The price would also be higher. So bring your wives, children, friends and neighbours !! Noel Blows has to advise on the number attending the day before. Time of of the essence consequently.

Use of club layouts

Michael Sarsfield has recently reported that some damage has been done to ‘Elsbridge’, presumably on a Wednesday. I have also noticed damage to ‘St David’s Wells’, as well as some items of scenery being removed from it. All members are free to use these layouts as and when they wish but I’d ask that this freedom is accompanied by care and respect for the work that has gone into their construction. Accidents do happen – this is accepted – so just let a club member know if anything has been broken in order that repairs can be planned and their necessity not simply seen later as an unpleasant surprise. Thanks all.

The building’s lift

At the time of writing I think it likely that a problem will remain with the operation of the lift, which now only runs up to the first floor. There is an issue with regard to the key operation which takes it up to our second floor. This matter is being attended to but, in the meantime, please be patient and we are sorry for any inconvenience which this may cause.

The library

The club has strongly avoided accepting collections of magazines before even though we have been offered literally thousands of them. Our experience has shown that after great effort has been put into placing them in order, they invariably end up on the floor or in the tea room and the whole thing becomes a complete mess.


We were recently offered a complete bound series of Railway Modeller 1974- 2000, Steam Days 1986-2000 and British Railways Illustrated 1991 to 2000 [along with some other titles]. As these are all in good, clean condition and bound, we have decided to accept them. Shelving will be erected in the library soon to accommodate them.


Many – if not most – members will know Alison and Philip John. Alison invariably undertakes the catering for our popular open-nights and has done so for years now. I’m sure that all members will wish to congratulate Alison and Philip on the very happy event of the recent birth of their first daughter, Megan Rhian. All are doing well. Will Megan become a new member ? Watch the June 2030 edition of this newsletter.....

And best wishes too, to....

Club member David Williams, recovering at home from a recent hip operation. Get well soon ! It was good to see another recently-absent club member return also from a hip operation, Paul Wiemers. Welcome back Paul !

Last bit...

Club member Kyle Williams has advised that his brother Daniel undertakes commissions for wooden display cases for railway stock. The turnaround time is quite quick with the price being dependant upon the size required. If anyone is interested, please contact Kyle for further information.

Finally, the diary update...

  • July 22nd - Curry night
  • 23rd July - Railway exhibition in the Trinity Church, Porthcawl
  • July 29th - Diecast sale
  • August 21st - Railway exhibition in the Grand Pavilion, Portcawl
  • October 1st & 2nd - SRMG Annual Exhibition at the NWM
  • Late October - Possible autumn excursion

Best wishes all !