Club Update - July 2017

Railway Clearing House Junction Diagrams for the Swansea Area : 1913 7 different railway companies operated within the town. 


With four newsletters sent out over the past two months you’ll only get one for July! But one full of updates and other information, together with a link [in the e-mail sending this] to the Soar Valley MRC’s layout ‘Dorehill St Stevens’, the largest of the show layouts booked for our October exhibition. Well worth a look at, too.

Also, some news about outings, our latest wagon commission and a new club member. But first, congratulations must go to Scott Rhodes on obtaining his degree in biology, a well earned BSc and an ambition achieved. Something to be proud of Scott and very well done.

The ‘Tirdonkin Trio’

Whilst the artwork has only just been agreed for the show commission [see newsletter 74] and delivery of the wagons is not anticipated until into September, Noel Blows tells me that he has taken firm orders for more than 230 of the new release so far: nearly 25% of the total order!

Our last commission almost sold out within four months [only 5 ‘N’ gauge pairs now remain unsold]. This commission looks set to go the same way and given that these wagons are being advertised quite widely in the main gauge journals, early orders are genuinely advised. Remember, advance payment guarantees your reservation. Either contact Noel personally or view our website for details.

The club’s test tracks

Over the next few weeks, some minor works will be taking place to improve the test track facility. Following a request from a member to make the test tracks feel a little less enclosed, a decision was taken to reduce the height of the Perspex screens to about a foot above the boards. This will make communication between users far easier and also allow improved access to the outer tracks. This is unlikely to inconvenience any users but just be aware that work may be taking place.

From nearly 130 years ago

John Gray recently sent me a copy of this cutting from the 19th. October 1888 edition of ‘The Cambrian News’ :

Given that the tunnel opened two years earlier, it is perhaps surprising that it took so long for mail trains to be allowed to pass through. Anyway, thanks for this snippet, John.

Outings and excursions

All should note that Michael Sarsfield is organising an August ‘cream tea’ excursion on the newly-extended Gwili Railway for those who are interested. For details, please contact Michael directly and do indicate your interest on the form he has placed on the notice board. Those attending will have to make their own transport arrangements and car-sharing might well be a viable solution.

Steve G tried one of these teas and said that they were excellent!

With regard to wider excursions this year, no firm plans have been laid. However, several members have raised a wish for something to be organised and, after discussion at the July committee meeting, it was decided that members would be invited to propose venues via the club’s suggestion box. So, all please give this some thought but do remember that distance must be a consideration if coach hire is required [driver’s hours, etc]. Also, please indicate whether you would be prepared to either undertake or assist in the organisation of the event. Thanks all.

Car parking

Every so often this gets raised as an issue by other building users. A complaint has been received alleging that members’ parking is both thoughtless and blocks spaces set aside for disabled users. I am not at all convinced that this is so and have seen careless parking outside the building on many occasions when I have been either the first or the only club member present. It appears to be a principally-Thursday matter however, which is why I believe we have been blamed.

This will be discussed further at the next FOYD committee meeting but in the meantime, and to retain the moral high ground, please be sure when you park that you only use sufficient space for your own vehicle and remain aware of other building users’ needs.

Clarification will be sought on precisely which areas are reserved for Blue Badge holders: this has not been formally notified by FOYD and the signage is at best ambiguous.

Stock sales

I have been approached by another member of the public with a request to sell their collection for them. July and August are not good times for these events however because of members’ holidays, etc. Consequently, the next event should take place in September. An update will be posted through the newsletter.

Some unsold stock remains on sale in the glass cabinet in the club room. The prices on these items have been reduced and if you wish to see or purchase any of them, please ask a committee member directly.

GWR Ephemera

Found recently in an old railway book were these GWR wagon destination labels. Like most paper ephemera, the majority of these did not survive use. They have no great monetary value but are interesting survivors nevertheless.

The printing code [7/18] helps to date this first one to 1919. It possibly involved a wagon load of paper as Loudwater was once the site of several paper mills and Mardon Son & Hall was a firm of Bristol printers. Wagon no 32391 was, I think, a 3-plank open wagon.

This second label is unused and dates to a period post-1926 but before 1930.

The club’s website

Always worth looking at as there is invariably something new in it. This month, a new member’s project [a sausage van!] and, very shortly, a review of Oxford’s latest release, the Dean Goods 0-6-0 tender engine. In the Blog section, you’ll also find an account of the Gwili Railway’s latest track extension.

The club’s Christmas Dinner

John Allnut has asked me to remind you all that he is taking expressions of interest in attending the above which will be held at Morriston Golf Club. Please put your name[s] on the list on the notice board if you wish to go. Partners and other family members are welcome. For the date and further details, please contact John directly.

The next Friday opening

This month’s Friday opening will be on the 28th. July. Feel free to attend and bring some stock to run. Soup and rolls will be available as usual

Emergency contact number for members

Whilst members’ e-mail and home addresses are known, contact numbers are generally not. Consequently, in the unlikely case of an emergency, it would be difficult to advise a next-of-kin or friend that something had happened.

To remedy this situation, please could all members print a contact number and name on the back of their photograph in the lift foyer area. Obviously, these details would only be used if absolutely necessary but trips and falls do occur from time-to-time and knowing who to contact would be extremely helpful.

Fire procedures

The fire alarms within the club have been confirmed as working now. Specific directions for members to be followed in case of a fire will be issued soon but, in the meantime, should you hear an alarm, follow our Fire Marshalls’ directions immediately and leave the club as directed by the nearest exit: the main stairs or the fire exit beyond the club’s workshop. Do not stop to take anything with you and go to the assembly point just outside the main gate.

There will be a fire drill at some unannounced time in the future. This MUST be treated as the real thing to ensure that our procedures work effectively. Thank you.

Finally, a new member

A welcome to Martin Thomas of Drefach, Llanelli. Martin’s modelling interests lies in ‘OO’. Do make yourself known to him when you see him.

Best wishes all