The Train Now Arriving at Abergwili Junction

Written by Richard Grigg 

Sunday July 2nd was the day every member of the Gwili Railway (myself included) had been waiting for in anticipation for a very long time. It was the day that we finally opened the southern extension of the running line to the public. It goes from the society's current base at Bronwydd Arms station to the new station platform called Abergwili Junction which is named after the historical fact that a railway junction once existed at this location where trains from Carmarthen would turn off the main stem of the branch line, heading towards Llandeilo.

Video of the run between Abergwili Junction and Bronwydd Arms.

The new stretch of the Gwili Railway's running line is the result of 17 years hard work and approximately £350,000 spent. Throughout the day a 5—coach passenger train 'top & tailed' by two steam locomotives travelled up and down the 4.5 mile line, winding it's way through glorious green welsh countryside under a bright blue sunny sky. 

The Gwili Railway follows the path of the old GWR Carmarthen to Aberystwyth branch line. The last passenger train to travel along the line was in 1965 with freight traffic continuing to operate until 1973. Two years later the GRPS (Gwili Railway Preservation Society) was officially formed and by 1978 had acquired an 8 mile stretch of the track bed between Abergwili Junction in the south to the village of Llanpumpsaint to the North. 

Exciting times lie ahead for the Gwili Railway and it's members and if you would like to join the society or simply require more information then please visit their website here.

The Train Now Arriving at Abergwili Junction